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Facilities and Events

Mission statement, vision and core values

Our Mission

The purpose of the Events Division is to serve the Town of Taos area with Premier Event facilities that provides the perfect solution for meetings, gatherings and events. We strive to have a safe and exceptional work environment for our staff, to provide a positive influence and service to our community, while providing a clean, accessible, and affordable facilities to the public. Our goal is to accommodate the community and event organizers specific needs with a personal and professional service. Our team strives for success to achieve benefits to our community, organizers, patrons, employees, and the Town of Taos, while providing economic impact to our Northern New Mexico Market.


Excellence, innovation, and leadership in our support of the various Departments, Community Programs, Citizenry and Employees, buildings and Facilities within the Town of Taos.

Core Values

  • Collaboration: Striving to work together and with others to accomplish the purpose and vision of the Town of Taos by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus

  • Respect: Sharing a common respect for ourselves, each other and our community

  • Integrity: Striving for honesty and equity in all our endeavors

  • Excellence: Striving to be second to none in all that we do

  • Pride: Taking pride in the beauty of our grounds, the grandeur of our buildings, the quality of our work and the impact of our mission to all who enjoy living in and visiting our town.

  • Community: Making the Town of Taos and our community a better place to work, heal, play and live


Facilities and Events has adopted five initiatives to support the core values:

  • Diversity and inclusion – Facilities Management is committed to improve awareness of and increase appreciation for diversity, inclusion and equality.

  • Safety – Town of Taos Facilities and Events operates under the highest ethical standards and possesses exceptional communication skills to inspire, enthuse and stimulate a culture of health and safety stewardship. Facilities and Events strives to offer a model occupational health and safety training program in the effort to sustain the Town of Taos as an incident- and injury-free work place and a model for communities across the country.
    Sustainability –Facilities and Events introduces new initiatives and incorporates sustainability into existing practices that requires collaboration and partnerships across the Town Government.

  • Respectful workplace – Facilities and Events fosters a respectful workplace that actively supports mutual respect, the dignity of all employees and is free from discrimination and harassment.

  • Training and development – Facilities and Events training & development was instituted to enhance the current and future organizational effectiveness by increasing employees’ abilities to maximize performance. This is accomplished through the existing entry level and advanced career level training opportunities and implementation of a cohesive training and development plan which utilizes innovative learning concepts and technology. Facilities and Events is committed to the continued growth and development of the department’s most valuable resource, its people.